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Paul Bennett


My brother and I began playing music for small groups and elementary schools back in 1983. With a small amplifier, two speakers, a microphone and some plastic lights, we started our journey. I can remember when we used to rent a CD player from the public library and play our entire collection of a dozen or so CDs.


In 1988, I moved to Knoxville, TN and continued my DJ work, forming the company Party Mixers Mobile Entertainment. I continued with Party Mixers until 1994 when I decided to enter the corporate world as a marketing manager. My brother, Mark, continues to operate the Party Mixers service in East Tennessee.


I moved to Columbus, GA in 2000 to work with one of the nation's strongest brands. Now, a new chapter is opening as I extend the Party Mixers legacy with a new name, YourTunes. The name is synonymous with the desire to assure our customers have control over the music they want to hear. We're not going to show up and play just what we want. We work very closely with you to assure the styles and types of music are played. We also do something a lot of DJs refuse to do ... take requests!


We look forward to continuing the tradition of providing quality entertainment at a competitive price. Give us a try!

Paul "DJ PB" Bennett

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